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Tuza Camion Kft. 3300 Eger, Pozsonyi u. 2. I/9 • • Tel.: +36 36 516-350 • Fax.: +36 36 516-351

Inland and outland transportation

We perform the vehicular transportation tasks of our clients both inland and outland. Our fleet ranges from a fourgon for 1.5 tons or 5 pallets to a 13.6 m long truck for 34 pallets. We also have trucks for 38 pallets (125 m3) and cooler trucks.

Our vehicles regularly transport to Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and UK.

Organization of import, export carriages

We will find the most optimal transport vehicle for the transport activities of our customers for full loads, partial loads, export or import all over Europe.

If your goods do not require a full truck and you do not want the transportation of your goods as accumulative load and increase the transport duration, we can offer you the transport of your goods as partial load. The advantages of this method is speed and security, because the load is not reloaded several times. The load can be a package of 1 kg or a freight of several tons.

Load optimization

We perform the optimization of transport activities for our customers and prepare cost calculations. We try our best to decrease the costs and to widen the possibilities for our customers.

International move